I Ordered a New Plate for My Bike

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I wanted to get new plates for motorcycle because the ones I had were kind of beaten up. I had an accident with my bike not long ago, and the plates took the brunt of the damage. That is actually good because replacing them was extremely cheap since I went through a company I found online called Show Plates Direct. It would have been a low cost even had I went the route I had always gone in the past, but I was able to save nearly half the cost because I went through this company.

I knew I was very fortunate that I just had some scrapes on the bike itself. I was able to sand those out and a friend helped paint it back to its original condition. As far as the plates were concerned though, I knew that I was going to have to replace them. The plate itself sustained a lot of damage. Even if I had been able to straighten it out, the numbers on it were not clear because the paint had scraped onto the plate as well. I really liked the fact that I was able to order the plates so quickly, and I did not even have to leave home to have it done.

I was able to go online and customize the plate I wanted. I thought I was just going to go with a basic plate, but I liked seeing all the different choices I had available. I was able to customize the plate to my own tastes, which I really appreciated. It was easy to put the plate on the back of my bike, and it looks even better than the one that was there. I know how lucky I am that this was so easy to fix, and I hope to not have a repeat of it in the future!