I Have Been Doing Some Side Work

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I do not know how I got to be a sales person, but about two years ago I met this guy who was friends with this guy I worked with. Of course I can say without bragging that I know a lot about cars, mostly older ones where you did not need to be a computer engineer to work upon them. At any rate I have been traveling around to car shows selling lifts for cars, the sort you need if you are a collector who works on cars. I set up beside the show plates man who sells custom license plates for show cars. He was telling me all about that, but I never really got to listen to him too much. He was fairly busy, but the entire time I was showing off the product and I made a whole lot of sales. Of course I really do not try to sell anything. I tell you how it works and I tell you where it has flaws, which it is clearly imperfect in my mind. If you want to buy the thing, then I am happy to set you up.

Of course in this case I benefited from having already sold this car lift to a number of guys who apparently had influence. All of these guys seem to know each other and all they ever talk about is cars and stuff that they buy to further their hobby. The price on this product is fairly low for what it is. You can definitely get one that works a good deal better, but you have to pay a whole lot of money for it. I ended up buying a spare engine while I was there, a 340 cubic engine Dodge engine which will work in this car that I bought two months back with a blown engine in it.