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The company, formed in 1999, amalgamates the expertise, stability and traditions of Totton Pumps Limited (established 1946), EMD (Halstead) Limited (established 1962) and Cetronic Limited – Dynamic Controls division (established 1961).

As Electric Motor Developments the company became an internationally recognised leader in the design, development and manufacture of permanent magnet commutator electric motors, gearboxes, differentials, electronic controllers and a wide range of induction motors.

The company was established at Halstead, England, in 1962 and built it’s reputation for creative design with a new type of electric motor for domestic grass cutting equipment, achieving sales of over 5 million units.

Since 1946 Totton Pumps has established itself as one of the World’s foremost manufacturers of pumps, by offering flexibility in design and manufacturing, plus total commitment to customer care and service.

The magnetically coupled pump was pioneered in 1963 to meet a specific customer need and was quickly adopted by many market sectors as the safest and most economic way of transmitting both food grade and chemical fluids. Continuous development led to the use of the sophistocated thermoplastic materials and magnetic technology, incorporated in the latest generation of Totton Pumps.

A policy of continuous research and development ensures that our products are always at the forefront of technological advance, providing reliable, efficient, cost effective products.

For over 30 years Cetronic has been a regarded as a market leader in the supply of high quality, high performance power and motion control equipment.

Today, in addition to a comprehensive standard product range, the Cetronic Dynamic Division of T.H.E. is also fully equipped to provide a complete custom design and assembly service to meet the precise performance requirements of their customers – fully supported by sophisticated CAD facilities and focused quality assurance procedures. As with both the Pump and Electric Motor Divisions, speedy, reliable service is central to our Motion Control System distribution philosophy.

T.H.E. Electric Motor Company Limited offers enhanced engineering expertise, design and manufacturing to internationally recognised quality standards and experienced staff, committed to customer service.